About Us

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Render customer services on the phone, or through other means, in all Brazil and abroad, generating results to investors, collaborators, customers and suppliers, with benefits to the comunity and having as a motivation the better understanding fo the customer’s needs to be attended.

Our Vision

Be the best partner of the Enterprises in the communication solution to their customers.


To offer differentiated services we are in constant development, looking for new solutions, technologies and management for your Enterprise to be attended and attend with excellence. Then, we have some essencial points to maintain a differential and make our customers upcome as innovators in services to their customers.


Physical Structure

Complete physical structure to accommodate the collaborators and make the day to day process real:

» Integration areas
» Smoking space reserved
» Auditoriums
» Multimedia Training rooms
» Feedback rooms

TIC structure

Each detail of the TIC structure was thought to attend the demand and guarantee stability and security in customer service:

» 100% wireless coverage in the site
» Data Center with restricted access and reserved room
» Automatic backups
» Maintenance of power with nobreak and generator (under request)
» Operators service with redundancy
» Partners of hardware and software well known
» Duplicated servers


A good technological structure is very important in the Call Center sector as much as software consulting. Technological resources are used in all moments in this area and that is why WTS Contact Center only invests in the best.


WTS Contact Center has developed Partnerships with Companies in the Telecom and IT areas, JIVE, TIP and Grupo JRC, that help us to draw communication solutions to a variety of businesses.

In the near future we will present a dialer solution, inbound and outbound modes, that will bring to the Contact Center the most updated technologies and accordingly to the customer service legislation, making efficiency and productivity possible. Besides that it will probably be a great solution to control telephone expenses and to manage the calls. We may offer solutions to routing, do not disturb, alarm, transfer, remote office, online chat, click to call, that are different treatments to the calls, possibility of recording, always with support in Portuguese.

We also use another dialer that is provided by one of our customers, VCC, that is in use in a certain operation that has it as a standard in every country they operate. This project is a fruit of a partnershio with MapIdea, a Portuguese Enterprise, that is a Google partner and develops solutions to locate by maps and classifies a certain establishment in the most used searching tool.


WTS Contact Center owns a totally adaptable system and aimed to results and guarantees the services offered.


Focusing in information security and customer data, we use internationally renowned resources, in the state of the art equipments and confidence in the flow of their businesses.


» Informations security
» Digital Telephony (VOIP, PABX, Softphone, IP Phone and others)
» Intelligent IVR’s
» 100% Recording of the calls
» Automatic Dialers
» Mixed Telephone Platform
» Redundant structure
» Call Center On Demand

Management of People

We know that in the Contact Center, the collaborators will have the most contact with the customers of our customers .

For the purpose of your brand to be well represented and with excellent attendance, our management model focus on developing the collaborators as persons and professionals:

» Motivational Campaigns
» Events
» Training
» Ludic Special Decorations
» Prizes

The proeissional that will speak on behalf of your Enterprise will know your product/service and your history, will be totally capable and motivated in each contact.

With such a way of managing people we have a lower turn over, commitment and high quality in services rendered.